Girls Paddle Boarding in Lake
We're on a mission

to make paddle boarding as easy as one, two three



It’s the "easy" in Easy Eddy. From storage to assembly, our paddle boards are meticulously designed for maximum convenience.


We are green. Unlike other boards, Easy Eddy Paddle Boards are made of 10–15% reclaimed plastics and not harmful PVC or epoxies.


Designed to withstand the rigors of various water conditions and usage, our board will handle any shore or ding with ease.

The Process

A lot goes into making it easy.

How It's Made

About Us

Our company was built on two commonalities:

  1. Our love for paddle boarding.
  2. Our desire to bring the joy of paddle boarding to everyone, regardless of the size of their home, car, boat, or mode of transportation.

We spent several years prototyping boards with the input from novice paddle boarders to paddle board racers. We even sought the advice of Olympic kayaker and surfboard designer Corran Addison to help design this board. The result of these design efforts is the Easy Eddy Paddle Board, named in homage of the great Eddie Aikau.

Our three-piece paddle board combines the performance of hardboards with the convenience of inflatables—without any of the hassle.

Founded in 2018


Pete Mazzaferro